Home Slicker

Home Slicker®is the answer for protecting wall systems from the damaging effects of moisture. Wind-driven rain from the outside, moisture vapor from the home’s interior, and corrosive surfactants that leak from certain types of siding, usually remain trapped in between the siding and building paper or housewrap. This unvented moisture can negatively impact the performance of siding systems and building paper or housewrap. It can also lead to the development of mold or mildew in the wall space, potentially creating health concerns. Unvented moisture behind cladding systems can also cause premature failure of paints or stains. Home Slicker effectively drains moisture from behind the siding, reducing the chances of premature peeling or blistering finishes.

Home Slicker’s unique three-dimensional nylon matrix provides a continuous space for drying, channels for drainage, a thermal break, and pressure equalization, allowing moisture to escape quickly before it damages the sidewall materials. Wood, fiber cement and EIFS systems, as well as brick and vinyl, are ideal cladding systems for use with Home Slicker. With quick, easy installation, Home Slicker provides maintenance free protection for the home. Each roll covers 150 square feet.

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