IPE Seal

IPE Seal

Hardwood End Grain Sealer

Wax End Sealer – seals and protects the ends of freshly sawn lumber from end checking and degrade.


BENEFITS — stops most end checking before it begins. The sooner end sealer is applied, the more effective it will be.
SUPERIOR QUALITY known in the forest products industry as the best quality sealer and most stable wax emulsion coating available. For over two decades has been the sealer of choice in the hardwood industry.

Similar in viscosity to latex paint and easily brushed on.   For clean up, just use hot, soapy water.  (not solvents)
STORAGE Just like water-based paint, care must be taken to not expose to temperatures below 32°F.  We recommend storing in a controlled environment, above 50°F, for trouble-free use.
ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY — is essentially non-toxic and non-hazardous. Non-combustible until dried and then has a flash point in excess of 400°F. COVERAGE One quart covers about 25 square feet.

            A must for tropical and cedar decking projects!

                    Decorative Post Caps

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