Cabot Factory Finish

Materials with a Cabot Factory Finish show up at the job site with all the protection they need. Furthermore, the application process ensures the wood is completely covered and sealed to provide longevity and performance.



    • The process begins in a climate-controlled environment to stabilize the wood’s moisture content.
    • Material is fed into a machine where it is flooded with Cabot Factory Finish
  • Pressure rollers spread the coating evenly
  • High speed brushes drive the finish into all sides of the material

With over 60 colors to choose from, Cabot Factory Finish can save time, provide consistency, and most importantly, give materials needed protection from the elements. Oil-based primers with acryllic topcoats are the most popular combination, but for the most part, all of the Cabot exterior grade products can be applied with this finishing system. A true value for the contractor and homeowner.

   Cabot Oil Based Stains

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